Sensitive forms

The atelier offers participants a possibility to investigate and experiment with the reasons humanity has always felt a need to surround itself with beauty, shaping imaginaries in concrete ways through the means of different languages, different techniques and tools: from mark-making and drawing to clay, to printing, and working with the digital.

Aware of the capacity every individual has within them for perceiving and exploring beauty, this atelier aims to give voice to the different ways of inventing the beautiful, starting from what it means to produce ornament, and highlighting the value of the creative act, made of exploratory tension, an intense relation with things, symbolic invention, cultural courage and expressivity.

Reggio Emilia Approach

Il Reggio Emilia Approach® è una filosofia educativa fondata sull’immagine di un bambino con forti potenzialità di sviluppo e soggetto di diritti, che apprende attraverso i cento linguaggi appartenenti a tutti gli esseri umani e che cresce nella relazione con gli altri.

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